Secrets of Aurora Series

In a single moment, Aurora’s life is forever changed…

The floating city Utopia, is all sixteen-year-old Aurora has ever known. Along with three other cities, it is home to the only survivors of the cataclysmic events that ended life on Earth sixteen years ago.

After witnessing her mother’s gruesome murder, Aurora finds herself on the run from the very people who are meant to protect her. With the help of her best friend, Fletcher, Aurora must find the truth behind her mother’s execution and why she is being hunted.

Someone wants the facts to remain hidden, but Aurora won’t stop until each hurtful truth is revealed. When her search takes an unexpected turn, nothing can prepare her for the answers that prove her entire existence has been built on a lie.

Praise for UTOPIA:
“A great read for dystopian fans” – BookNerd
“An action-packed tale of secrets and preservation of the human race, when life surrounding Earth enters a new age.” – Daccari Buchelli, Amazon review
“Utopia is one of those books that grabs hold of you within the first few pages and never lets you go.” – C. Morgan, Amazon review

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The Dreamer Trilogy









In 2023, the innovative MultiMind Corporation (MMC) released a stylish Wristcuff to be worn over a microchip implanted beneath its host’s skin, giving the wearer pleasant dreams. Better sleep promotes a peaceful lifestyle and improved health. At least this is what the MMC have the population believing. There are those for whom this technology fails to work: Dreamers. They’re shunned because of their inability to adapt and evolve like the rest of the human race.

Amelia is a Dreamer, and the veil of ignorance is lifted when she meets someone who helps her see through the lies and secrets of the MMC. With her world shaken and changed, Amelia has to decide whether to fight for the freedom to dream or take the ‘next step in evolution’ with the rest of society at the risk of losing her ability to think and dream for herself.

“Believable, unpredictable and engaging.” – Kelly St. Clare, author
“Whether you’re new to the dystopian genre or it’s one of your favourites, there’s something about this futuristic world and its promise of a better society that will captivate you in Ms Higgins’ debut novel.” – Danni L, Amazon review
“A highly entertaining, unique story” – Amazon customer

Join Amelia on this science fiction adventure set in the future.
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On Delicate Wings


Mia Walters, is optimistic that her final year of high school will be different. She’s tired of watching the cool girls from afar, and is sick of being a stereotypical loser.

When new girl, Chelsea Saint, arrives at school with her sassy and confident persona, she offers Mia the very thing she wanted. The chance to be one of the cool girls.

Alcohol, boys, sex and drugs tear Mia in two. Caught between the good girl she used to be and the illusion of the person she wanted to be, Mia needs to be careful she doesn’t lose herself in the new world Chelsea has introduced her to.

Is it too late for her to go back to the girl she was before?

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In Their Shoes

ITS COVER-page1-page1

Throughout our lifetimes, most of us will face different hardships, and create many amazing memories. All of those blend together to make you the person you become. Each of us have a different story, taking a different path. Whether you believe someone has taken the right path or not, it is important to remember that we all want the same things in life – to be happy and to be loved for who we are. In Their Shoes is a collection of short stories that allows you to have a glimpse into