Character Interview – Lucy

In When Worlds Collide Lucy isn’t like the girls at school, and they do their best to remind her every chance they get. Then one night, in the middle of a horrific storm, a hot air balloon crashes on her property carrying an injured stranger who will change her life forever.

  1. What’s your favourite part about growing up on a farm in Australia? The solitude. It’s just Dad and me out here and it’s my safe place.
  2. If you had one day left on earth who would you want to spend it with? If they have to be alive I’d say Dad. We butt heads sometimes but he’s raised me on his own since I was five. If it can be someone who’s passed away I’d say my mum. I was only five when we lost her and I’d love to have a female to talk to about things going on in my life.
  3. What is something people might not know about you? Secretly I do want to be a little more girly. I’m not about to start doing my hair and makeup everyday and wearing pretty dresses but I’d like to feel pretty sometimes. On the farm all I get to wear are boots, jeans and a button up shirt. Being girly isn’t practical.
  4. Who is your greatest foe? Tracy Bloom. She seems to make it her life mission to make my days at school as miserable as possible.
  5. If you could re-live one day which would it be? Any day spent with my mother and I’d make sure every moment sank into my memory so I wouldn’t forget any details.
  6. What’s the meanest thing anyone’s ever said to you? I really don’t want to say. Tracy and her ‘herd of cows’ as Dad calls them are pretty mean.
  7. Do you have a pet? Yes. My best friend is my cattle dog Skye. She makes me smile even on the worst days.
  8. Describe your family. It’s only me and my dad. Dad’s a typical Aussie bloke who works hard to keep the farm running and bring in money for us to live. For the longest time we’ve only had each other.
  9. What would you never leave the house without? Skye if I could. Most of the time I’d prefer not to leave the property at all.
  10. If you could travel anywhere in the hot air balloon where would you go? Listening to Olivia’s stories I’d love to visit the elves and fae in the Elven Forest. It’d be amazing to meet the people who taught her so much about herself.


When Worlds Collide: The Balloonist Chronicles #1 releases June 19th 2020. Keep up to date with all release information by liking L. J. Higgins Facebook Page HERE!

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