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When Worlds Collide Inspiration

As an author I often get asked, ‘how did you come up with the idea for your story,’ or, ‘what was your inspiration?’ Inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. An experience you’ve had, a place you’ve visited, a song, an image, or a conversation. Id you train yourself to be in the moment and notice the little things you’ll discover inspiration is all around you.

The inspiration for When Worlds Collide came when my husband decided to tick an item off my bucket list and booked us a ride in a hot air balloon for our tenth wedding anniversary.

Climbing into the basket of the hot air balloon was both nerve-racking and exciting. I was dizzy with anticipation, and worried my immense dislike of heights would have me gripping the side tightly and squeezing my eyes shut throughout the entire ride. But, as the roar of flame had us floating into the air, a strange sense of calm and quiet fell over me. It was one of the most beautiful, tranquil, and magical experiences I’ve had in my life. I was so happy I was able to share it with my amazing husband and it is a day neither of us will forget.

It was on the drive back to our cabin that a story began forming in my mind. I loved the idea of never being completely in control of a hot air balloon just as we are never fully in control of our lives. And I wondered what it would be like if a hot air balloon were able to travel through different times and worlds. Olivia and Lucy’s story was born.

Olivia visits many different worlds and times on her adventure but Lucy lives in rural Australia on a property much like the one I reside on with my family. Many of the descriptions are derived from the scenery looking out from my small verandah from which I’ve experienced some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. We also have cattle and chickens and a long dirt driveway that leads down a hill to where my kids catch their school bus. But while it was fun to write about somewhere familiar, creating the worlds Olivia visits channels into my imagination, research, tv shows and movies, and images I’ve found on the internet for inspiration.

Here are some pictures of the property we live on:

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When Worlds Collide: The Balloonist Chronicles #1 is available June 19th 2020.

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