When Worlds Collide is coming!

When Worlds Collide will be the first book in The Balloonist Chronicles and it will be released June 19th 2020! It’s a mash-up of fantasy, contemporary and time-travel and if you love pirates, fae and elves you will love following Olivia’s adventures in a magic hot air balloon.

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You can see the cover reveal HERE!

I’m so excited for you to read it, and to give you a taste here is the blurb for When Worlds Collide: The Balloonist Chronicles, Book One.


Olivia’s fate is bound to a magical time travelling hot air balloon.

Lucy just wants to make it through the school day alive.

Olivia is willing to trade everything for the chance to be worthy of William’s hand in marriage. As the son of a nobleman, he could never marry an orphan girl. Desperate for the love she didn’t receive from her parents, she embarks on an adventure in an enchanted hot air balloon. But with no control over what world or time it will take her to next, will she realise too late that she’s left behind those who loved her most?

Lucy isn’t like the girls at school, and they do their best to remind her every chance they get. Then one night, in the middle of a horrific storm, a hot air balloon crashes on her property carrying an injured stranger who will change her life forever.

Olivia knows her stories of time travel, magic, elves, and pirates are hard for Lucy to believe. But each of them holds one of the many lessons she’s learned on her incredible adventure.

Their fates are intertwined, but what happens when two worlds collide?

Don’t forget to check out When Worlds Collides cover HERE! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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