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It’s finished!

There were honestly times I wasn’t sure if I’d ever finish writing this book, but something about the story never left my mind and yesterday I wrote ‘The End’ on the first book in my brand new fantasy series tentatively called ‘The Balloonist.’ The number of characters and world building were at times fun and exciting but at other times overwhelming, but here I am with a complete manuscript and I’m very proud of what I’ve written.

In February last year my husband and I had a ride in a hot air balloon to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. It was an incredible experience I’ll never forget and it sparked the original concept of my story. On the same holiday we went on walks through rain forests and explored some beautiful places all of which added something to the story forming in my mind.

Now begins the fun of getting the story ready for publishing and I can’t wait to share it with you all. I thank you for being patient while my writing had to take a backseat for much longer than I would’ve liked. Last year it was important for me to focus on my family and then of course the life changing move we made at the end of last year. But we are settled in and my family are all happy and healthy which means I plan on writing more books in this series as well as working on other projects, one of which involves a very talented author friend of mine.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss any updates on what I’m doing and new releases.




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