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Equinox Cover & Blurb Reveal

Equinox: Skywatchers, book two will be releasing very soon and I’m excited to reveal it’s blurb and cover to you! Ky has a lot of soul searching to do, while under the constant threat of being captured and brainwashed by Skywatchers and while she desperately wants to be reunited with her brother Tyson, she’s not sure he’ll forgive her for the horrible things she’s done.

Here’s the official blurb…

Ky thought she was killing the bad guys. Turns out, she was the bad guy.

Ky’s on the run from Skywatchers, the organisation she’d followed blindly since the aliens invaded and her brother disappeared. Reece, one of the aliens she’d been trained to hunt, is the only person left she can trust.

Struggling to reconcile the hunter who’d murdered too many aliens to count with the girl who’d fallen for Reece, an alien who’d revealed the truth about their visit to Earth, Ky battles with the guilt of her past as she and Reece make their way to her brother and the aliens he’s saved.

Just when her brother’s within reach, Skywatchers rips the chance of being reunited with him away.

Can her brother forgive the horrific things she’s done?

Or will Skywatchers convince her to re-join their organisation?

And here’s the cover!!!

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