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There’s no better time than now…

Some of you may have noticed it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. I promise I haven’t disappeared or given up on writing, I’m working hard to catch up on lost time to bring you my next series asap.

I’ve taken the past six weeks off to focus on my family at a time where they needed me most. We lost a family member to cancer a few days before Christmas, and it’s been an incredibly sad, heart breaking, and hard to comprehend time for all of the people who loved her. But this post isn’t supposed to make you feel sorry for me or my family, I want this post to serve as a reminder that as Aurora says in the Secrets of Aurora Series, “life is unpredictable.”

You never know what’s around the corner, good or bad. So take some time out of your busy life to tell the people you care about how much they mean to you. Stop putting off that apology or phone call. Look after your health, both mentally and physically, and remember to take time out to do the things you enjoy. Don’t wait for the perfect time to pursue your dreams, there’s no better time to start achieving them than now.

Let 2019 be the year of being mindful, taking time to simply be in the moment, and being grateful for all of the amazing things you have in your life.

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L J Higgins

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