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Cover Reveal: Rise of the Dreamer

Here is the cover for the final book in the Dreamer Trilogy, Rise of the Dreamer! Re-working this series has been a massive project and I’m so happy to announce the final book will release November 20th. 

Will Amelia ever escape the manipulation of the MultiMind Corporation? Or is she fighting a losing battle?

The Cambiar Virus is killing Dreamers and turning everyone else into mindless zombies.

Grieving for the loss of Cameron, surrounded by people she doesn’t trust, and an outsider from the new lives her friends have built together, Amelia’s unsure who she is or where she belongs.

Desperate to find purpose in the horrors she endured, she stands on the precipice of committing the unthinkable. Then a chance meeting with someone she thought she’d never see again shakes her to the core, forcing her to face her demons, and embrace her truth.

With the fate of Dreamers in her hands, can Amelia remember why she’s fighting before it’s too late? Or will the MultiMind Corporation succeed in controlling the human race?

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