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Cover Reveal: Dawn of the Dreamer

I’ve spent the last few months going over the very first book I ever published, Dawn of the Dreamer. Although it meant time away from writing new projects, it was good to go back over my writing, see where I’ve grown and improved, and rework the book so it’s the best it can be for my readers. But I knew if I wanted to breathe new life into the Dreamer Trilogy it needed new covers, so today I want to share the NEW cover for Dawn of the Dreamer with you all. I love them so much, and I really hope you think they’re as amazing as I do!

Dawn of the Dreamer will re-release on October 23rd! Here is the new blurb:

For Amelia Bailey, a normal life is a farfetched reality. She’s an anomaly; a Dreamer.

In a society where everyone has a microchip implanted in their wrist, the Wristcuff promises to give the wearer nothing but pleasant dreams. But to some, nightmares still prevail. They call them Dreamers, and Amelia Bailey is one of them.

Desperate to shake the nightmares she’s endured for years, Amelia submits to testing in the hopes of being cured. Then she meets Joe, a mysterious stranger whose shocking revelations open her eyes to the deceit and secrets behind the Wristcuff and its creator, the MultiMind Corporation.

With her once quiet life spinning out of control, Amelia is forced to make a decision that will change her life forever.

Fight for the freedom to dream, or eradicate her nightmares and lose the ability to think for herself?




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