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Seth’s story is coming…

When I finished writing the Secrets of Aurora series there was one character who was crying out to have his story written… SETH! So, I’ve decided to not only write a short story about how Seth came to live at the Freedom Camp as one of Prophet Brent’s disciples, but also to send it to anyone who signs up to L J Higgins Readers List for FREE!

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect from your FREE story!

When giant waves wiped out the city, Seth’s family fled to the mountains to survive. Now they’re about to return to the place where their lives changed forever.

As rumours reach them of people rebuilding their lives in the city, Seth and his parents say goodbye to their home in search of a better life. But, the moment they arrive, they know they’ve made a mistake. Attacked by unfriendly residents, Seth’s parents must make the ultimate sacrifice to save their only son. An act that leaves him alone in a foreign place.

As he gives in to desperation and loneliness, strangers appear with promises and kindness.

After everything he’s seen, can he trust them to deliver him to a new life? Or will trusting the wrong people lead him to an even worse fate?

And here is the amazing cover!


Don’t want to miss out on your FREE copy? Sign up to my readers list HERE!

Are you excited to find out more about Seth? Let me know in the comments below!

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