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Author Spotlight – Alison Ingleby

For the last Author Spotlight for 2017 I got to have a chat to fellow Dystopian/Science Fiction author Alison Ingleby. Her book Expendables has been described as “gripping”, with “unique characters and unexpected twists” and is the first book in a brand new dystopian series.

Alison’s writing space.

LJ: Where do you like to write?
AI: I mostly write in my office at home. I’m working on Book 2 of The Wall Series at the moment so have a big outlining board to keep me on track! If I feel like treating myself, I love working from the café at my local bookstore in Bradford. It’s in a beautiful building and has really tasty cake. I’m also trying to get into dictation, so I can start dictating my first drafts while walking.

‘Sadie’ the campervan.

LJ: Do you have any pets or kids?
AI: Neither… yet. We love going away at weekends, so the closest we have is our campervan, who we’ve named Sadie. Here she is in the wild, at a camping spot in Scotland earlier this year.


LJ: Can you draw us a picture of yourself or a picture that represents you.

This represents the constant juggling act I have going on in my head with everything I want to do: writing, being outdoors, spending time with my husband (and other family and friends) and earning money!

LJ: Other than writing what are you passionate about?
AI: I love spending time outdoors. In the UK, we’re lucky enough to have some really beautiful, varied scenery. I have the Yorkshire Moors on my doorstep and have the seaside and mountains within a few hours’ drive. I do a lot of rock climbing and orienteering and am currently training for the Isle of Wight Ultra, which I’m walking with a group of other authors next year.
When at home, I enjoy baking and making chocolates as presents for friends and family. And sleeping. I LOVE sleeping. (Is that weird?!)

LJ: Do you have a favourite quote you can share with us?
AI: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
My parents had this quote on a picture on a bedroom wall when I was growing up. I loved exploring when I was a kid, so for me, it’s about getting off the beaten track and exploring your surroundings as well as the more obvious, inspirational meaning.

Bookstore in Bradford.

LJ: I love that. Do you have a favourite singer or band?
AI: Newton Falkner – he’s a British singer-songwriter and amazingly talented. He’s literally a one-man band; he does vocals, guitar and percussion all at the same time! I’m also a huge fan of folk rock bands like Mumford & Sons and Bears Den, and the Scottish singer, Amy Macdonald.

LJ: Do you prefer to drink coffee or tea?
AI: Tough choice! I normally go for tea (Yorkshire tea, naturally), but I enjoy a coffee occasionally. My husband is half Italian, so he’s trying to convert me from drinking lattes to espresso.

LJ: Who is an author you wish more people new about?
AI: Louise O’Neill has written some fantastic YA books that deal with really difficult topics. Her book, Asking For It, is a must read.
For epic fantasy fans, I really enjoyed reading Meg Cowley’s Caledan series earlier this year. The final book in the series is brilliant and I know Meg’s reworking book one at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled for a relaunch!

LJ: If you could travel back in time what year would you travel to?
AI: I’m fascinated by Scottish medieval castles, so I’d jump back to the 15th Century to see what life was really like and how the surrounding landscapes have changed since. But if your time machine could go forward in time, I’d go to 2217 to see if the future is really like a dystopian novel!

LJ: What is one thing you want people to know about you?
AI: That this calm, cool exterior is just a mask – inside I’m a quivering perfectionist who’s terrified of failure! I just hope that my readers enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Thank you to Alison Ingleby for being my final Author Spotlight for 2017! Her book Expendables is available NOW on Amazon!

Alison currently has a prequel to her series, Outsider which is currently exclusively available to her Readers’ Club. You can sign up and get a copy HERE!

You can find out more about Alison on the links below:


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