Meet the Characters – Utopia: Secrets of Aurora #1

I’ve been absolutely loving writing the Secrets of Aurora series, and a big part of that is the characters. I love the way they bounce off each other and the way their personalities have developed throughout each book, so this week I thought I’d introduce you to a few of them.

Aurora Adams
Aurora is a sixteen-year-old, feisty red-head who feels out of place on the floating city of Utopia, where she mostly keeps to herself and reads books from the old Earth on her computer tablet. Aurora grew up having a close relationship with her father, but when he’d go away for work, travelling between the floating cities, she was left with her mother who did her best to avoid any conversation. When her father passed away she was just twelve-years-old, and was left to deal with her grief on her own. The only person she trusts is her best friend Fletcher (Fletch) Saxby. They’ve grown up together on the floating city.

Fletcher Saxby
Fletcher or Fletch, is the son of the Elite Leader of the floating city of Utopia, and lives in an elaborate home where he spends his spare time playing video games only the Elite are allowed to access. That is of course when he isn’t learning in the school hall or attending official dinners and luncheons. A good looking sixteen-year-old, with shaggy blonde hair and earthy brown eyes, Fletcher has no trouble gaining the attention of the Utopian girls. But despite the attention they give him, he prefers to spend time with his best friend Aurora. He can be himself around her, not the son of an Elite, and they’ve known each other for as long as he can remember.

Braven Smith
Braven is a member of the rebel group attempting to uncover the truth about the Elites and the floating cities. He’s twenty-three-years-old and is well built, with a square jaw, a crew cut and deep blue eyes. A leader in training, he’s got the muscle power and the access to the Utopian Guard headquarters, to help his fellow rebels get the information they need. He has just as much brain as brawn, and is incredibly quick witted. He loves taking jabs at his fellow rebels and especially stirring up the fiery red-head of the group, Vega.

Vega Howarth
Vega’s as fiery as they come and has an incredibly short fuse. She’s hard to miss with her bright red hair and excessive makeup and she’s not exactly easy to warm to. But what she lakes in people skills she makes up with heart, as she is determined to uncover the truth behind the Elite and the floating cities. With no family left, what does she have to lose?

Stay tuned as I introduce some of the new characters you’ll meet in Eden: Secrets of Aurora #2, over the coming weeks.

Have you read Utopia? Do you have a favourite character? Was it one of the one’s I’ve mentioned above or one I haven’t introduced here?

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