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Side Project: Book Cover

Writing has played a big part in my life. It’s always been the thing I turn to when I need to clear my mind and let my creativity run wild. But another creative outlet of mine is painting and drawing, both of which I don’t seem to get time to sit down and do a lot of anymore. So when author’s Michelle Bryan and Michelle Lynn said they were searching for someone to sketch them a sigil for the cover of their new book I told them I’d love to create something for them. With a briefing from the Michelle’s I was excited to escape into my book/craft room and get sketching. I really enjoyed working on the sigil for them and having a side project was refreshing and only renewed my energy for writing my own books. Here is the sketch I came up with and if you click HERE you can find out what they did with my image and see the amazing cover that was created from it.

I wish Michelle Bryan and Michelle Lynn every success with the upcoming release of Prophecy of Darkness: Legends of the Tri-gard Vol 1. and urge you grab yourself a copy. It releases on September 12th as part of the Fire and Fantasy box set and is available for pre-order now!

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