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Author Spotlight: Paul Summerhayes

This month I had the chance to chat with science fiction and fantasy author, Paul Summerhayes, who is the author of, The Warden Saga. As well as his novels, Paul has also written professionally for the gaming industry, and I was excited to learn more about him and his writing.

LJ: Can you draw us a picture of yourself or a picture that represents you?
P.S: The Galactic Cat Lord is my alter ego and was my avatar for a long time. Besides look at it, it’s funny.

LJ: Do you have any pet’s or kids?
P.S: I have two awesome kids, William, 12 and Lynette is 10. We have two dogs, one cat, five chickens and ten fish.

LJ: That’s quite the menagerie! Do you have passions/hobbies other than writing?
P.S: I love reading and I read every day. I prefer fantasy, sci-fi or action stories. A part from books, I enjoy tabletop games, spending time with my two kids and watching movies. I am also restoring an old car in my shed, which I hope to be driving by the end of this year—unfortunately, this is not the first year I have wished for that!

LJ: Where do you usually like to write?
P.S: I write at home on a PC, normally in the evenings and weekends. I try to write every day and have weekly word goals. I find setting targets is the way I achieve my goals.

LJ: Do you have a favourite quote you can share with us?
P.S: 80% of success, is turning up (Woody Allen). I’m a strong believer of having a go, regardless of the outcome. This is how I got into writing in the first place. I always wanted to write stories. Like everything I do, I did my research and made it happen. Being an author was my childhood dream and I persisted until it became a reality.

LJ: How about a favourite singer or band?
P.S: It varies depending on my mood, but I have always liked David Bowie and Queen. I also love movie theme music like The Lord of the Rings and Conan the Barbarian—have a listen to it one day. You’ll be surprised how good it is.

LJ: I’m a fan of Queen myself! So when you’re relaxing and listening to music do you prefer coffee or tea?
P.S: I drink black coffee 3 times a day. I can function without coffee, but why would anyone willingly make that choice?

LJ: Is there an author you wish more people knew about?
P.S: Robert E Howard. Although he is well known in the literary circles and some readers today, I think most people have forgotten or have never read many of the old masters. Howard is responsible for writing some of the first Sword and Sorcery books with characters like Conan, King Krull and Solomon Kane. Howard wrote his all his stories back in the 1930’s! No doubt growing up reading his books has been a big influence on my story telling.

LJ: Is there a year you would travel back to if you could?
P.S: I would travel back to the 1930’s and walk into the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford, England and introduce myself to J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I would ask if I could join the Inklings and learn the art of storytelling from them.

LJ: Wouldn’t that be amazing! Can you tell me one thing people should know about you?
P.S: I would like people to know I love writing and I plan to write many more books in the years to come. Please look for my new fantasy series, The Sky Fire Chronicles, coming out in July 2017. There will be more information soon!

Thank you so much to Paul Summerhayes for taking the time to chat with me this month. Please head to the links below to find out more about Paul and his books.

Paul Summerhayes Website
Game Website
Newsletter & Free Story


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