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Author Spotlight: Michelle Bryan

This month I sat down to talk to the incredibly talented Michelle Bryan. She is the author of the dystopian, fantasy, adventure books in the New Blood’s series (Awaken & Ascension)as well as the Bixby series (Strain of Resistance & Strain of Defiance), which is set in a world invaded by aliens. I fell in love with both of these series and I know you will too. Just as I know you will enjoy learning more about Michelle Bryan, as much as I did when we spoke.


LJ: Where do you do most of your writing?
M.B: My messy office. But I read that a messy person is very smart soooo I must be a genius.

LJ: Do you have any children?
M.B: I have a grown son, Adam, who I very much like his introvert mom and didn’t want his picture taken, lol.

LJ: Obviously writing is something you love to do, but what else are you passionate about?
M.B: My family, of course. They are everything. Reading, writing, anything Stephen King. I also love to bake. You wouldn’t think that after I work with chocolate and sweets all day long, but I find baking very therapeutic.

LJ: Do you have a favourite quote you could share with us?
M.B: “Go then. There are other worlds than these.” Stephen King, The Gunslinger. Not sure if I’ve told you, but the Dark Tower series it my favourite of all time!

LJ: You may have mentioned it once or twice… So we know you your favourite author is, who is your favourite singer or band?
MB: Colin James was my teenage crush and I finally got to see him in concert this year! Love him. Straight No Chaser is an acapella group that I’ve fallen in love with and has been added to my bucket list to see in concert. Just discovered Disturbed with their Sounds of Silence cover and LOVE!!! I could go on and on but I’ll stop right there.

LJ: Can you draw us a picture of yourself or something that represents you?

Me every day, torn in a million different directions.

LJ: Do you prefer to drink coffee or tea?
M.B: COFFEE!! I cannot be without.

LJ: Do you have a pet?
M.B: This is my fur baby, Garbage.

LJ: If you could travel back in time what year would you travel to?
M.B: The year I graduated high school and went to university (and no, I am not telling you what year that was) I wish I would have taken my writing more seriously and started it back then instead of waiting for so late in my life.

LJ: Who is an author you wish more people knew about?
M.B: There are soooo many talented writers I have met and become friends with over the years, but there are five that hold a special place on my list. Michelle Lynn, Kayla Howarth, Bethany Wicker, Kimberly Readnour and Linda Higgins (sound familiar?) My BB buddies. We have each other’s backs, for sure. The most supportive and talented bunch ever!

LJ: They sure are! What is one thing you want people to know about you?
M.B: That I am an introvert and extremely shy and public speaking terrifies me. In other words, I’m a basket case lol.

A huge thank you to Michelle Bryan for taking the time to talk with me this month. All of her books are available at and you can find her on the links below!
Have you read any of Michelle Bryan’s books? I’d love to hear what you thought below!
Twitter @michellebry101
Instagram @michellebryan200


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