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Author Spotlight: T D Shields

jystrhs This month I had a chat with Dystopian Author T.D Shields. I’ve read the first book in T.D Shields Shadow and Light series, Into Shadow, and enjoyed every moment! So I thought we should get to know her a little better.




LJ: Can you please share with us where you write?
TS: Sitting at my messy desk in my giant recliner!


LJ: What are the ages of your children?
TS: I have 4 kids – currently aged 13, 10, 8 and 6


LJ: Wow, four kids! How about pets?
TS: We have 5 cats (only 3 of which consented to be photographed)


LJ: Can you please draw me a picture that represents you?
TS: I kind of prefer it all stylized and artistic-like… because it erases my wrinkles and double-chin! 😉


LJ: Other than writing, what are you passionate about?
TS: Reading! My number one hobby is definitely reading, but I also love wasting time with online match-3 games.

LJ: Do you have a favourite quote? I’d love for you to share it with us.
TS: This probably describes about ¾ of my life:

LJ: Love it! I’ll be using this from now on. How about a favourite singer or band?
TS: Oh goodness, that probably changes on a nearly daily basis. It all depends on what I’m in the mood for. At the moment I’m listening to the soundtrack for Trolls because it’s fun and catchy. Most often I have the music on the classical station just because it makes good background music, but it can be too soothing! Then I have to pull up something that I can sing along to.

LJ: Now for a hard hitting question. Do you prefer coffee or tea?
TS: Actually, I don’t drink either! Pepsi is my caffeine of choice.

LJ: Who is an author you wish more people new about?
TS: I have so many favorites that I don’t know if I can choose… and like the music my preferences change daily. But today I think I’m going with Melissa F. Olson – fantastic urban fantasy!

LJ: I will have to check out her books! If you could travel back in time what year would you travel to?
TS: I don’t think I would want to go back! When I read time-travel books I always focus on how much I would miss things like modern plumbing and my smartphone. I would jump ahead and see what cool things are on the way.

LJ: What is one thing you want people to know about you?
TS: I work at home and write at home and basically never leave my home – which is exactly the way I like it! I hate it when an event or meeting requires me to actually leave the house. But as much as I hate interacting with people in person, I love to interact online – so get in touch with me on Facebook or email!

Thank you so much to T.D Shields for talking to me so we could get to know the author behind the books a little bit more.

If you can’t wait to get your eyes on one of T.D Shields books you can find both Into Shadow and Into Light on Amazon on the links below.

Want to find out more about T.D Shields and her books? Find her on the below Social Media links:

Are there any Indie Authors you would like me to talk to? Let me know below in the comments!

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