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Exciting News!

This will be a super short post but I have two pieces of very exciting news to share with you all!

First of all, thanks to the team at LODAS, I officially have a name for my new series. Utopia will be the first book of the Secrets of Aurora series and I can’t wait for you to read it! The series is science fiction/dystopian and I will be posting a blurb for Utopia over the coming weeks.

My second piece of exciting news it that Utopia has been sent to my beta readers! I’m eagerly anticipating their feedback and it means that Utopia is one step closer to being ready for release.

While Utopia is away with it’s beta readers I will be getting straight into book two of the series and you can follow my progress on both Facebook and Instagram!

It’s great to start the new year kicking the butt of some of my goals already. What goals have you already completed or made progress on?

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