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Reflections and Goals

After the excitement of spending Christmas with my husband, kids and extended family, camping for three nights with my family, then seeing out 2016 with my husband while celebrating 11 years of being together, I’m finally back at my computer. There was a moment at camping where my son was pretending he was Harry Potter with a stick (wand) and he asked me what spell he should use. I insisted he try “Accio Mum’s Laptop,” but unfortunately he is either a muggle or a squib. As nice as it was to focus on my family over the past week or so, I am excited to get back into my writing. But before I get to work on finishing the first draft of my next book, I wanted to sit down and reflect on 2016. The highs the lows, what worked and what didn’t. It gives me the direction I need to sit down and write out my goals for the year ahead. So here are some of my thoughts on 2016 and whats to come in 2017!

What a year 2016 was! I experienced amazing highs, minimal lows and read some amazing books. I was able to release three books this year as well as reach many of my fitness goals. Here is a quick breakdown of the year that was 2016 for L J Higgins.

race_1909_photo_34629871My Fitness Journey:

This year I really felt like I kicked butt with my fitness. I went on two great boot camp weekends and competed in both Tough Mudder and Miss Muddy with a great group of friends who supported me all of the way. Last month I was injured and broke my little finger which then needed surgery, but with my finger now on the mend I’m looking forward to training once again and get ready for Tough Mudder 2017. I truly believe my fitness goals go hand in hand with my writing goals. Exercise keeps me alert, my mind clear and has taught me discipline and concentration.


13902698_10153870470292831_1655742832367174690_nMy Writing Journey:

At the end of January I launched the second installment of the Dreamer Trilogy, Fall of the Dreamer. I celebrated with friends, family and fans at my home with a boho themed party and a really cool book cake. Then came the final installment of the Dreamer Trilogy, Rise of the Dreamer. It was hard to say goodbye to Amelia and her friends, but the launch party was amazing, with over 70 people turning up to celebrate with me. Ready to write something new and different, I then went on to write and release On Delicate Wings. A book that I’ve wanted to write since I was a teen, and one that I am really proud of. Unfortunately, my broken finger also slowed down much of my writing, but now that it is healing I’m writing more than ever and well into the first book of my next series.


All of this with my daughter having her tonsils and adenoids removed, being a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding (whom I’ve known since I was in primary school), holidays, fun with friends and new tattoo’s, made 2016 a crazy but amazing year.

2016 felt like it was a build up to what 2017 could be. I want to reach more fitness and writing goals, while also working on myself. In 2017 I plan to bring you a new dystopian/sci-fi series and another stand alone contemporary story while also focusing on sharing great content on both my blog and Facebook pages, marking up a bigger ‘read’ pile on Goodreads by reading more books by both Traditionally Published and Indie Authors and letting you into the life of L J Higgins via Instagram.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. Every review, like, share, comment, inbox and email pushes me to be the best writer I can be! I’d love to hear about your goals in the comments.

I wish you every happiness and many great books to read in 2017!

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