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Top Reads in 2016

I fell in love with many new characters in 2016! With heroines like the tenacious and smart mouthed Bixby, and Nuka with her fierce attitude, I read many books I wasn’t able to put down. Who are these awesome heroines you ask? Well you can find out who they are and meet other amazing characters by reading my reviews for my favorite books released in 2016 below.

Strain of Resistance (Strain of Resistance #1) and Strain of Defiance (Strain of Resistance #2)

By Michelle Bryan

Strain of Resistance – Strain of Resistance is a new twist on the end of the world, alien invasion story. When Bixby was 12 she witnessed an alien species (known as leeches in the book) viciously take over human bodies and destroy life as she knew it.
The new world has hardened her. and I loved Bixby’s tenacity and smart mouth humor. And the cast of survivors around her only added to my love of the story. Michelle Bryan sucks you right into the story and I found it almost impossible to put this book down.
This was an awesome read and I highly recommend you read it!!!




Strain of Defiance –
I was eagerly anticipating the release of Strain of Defiance and it didn’t disappoint!
After falling in love with the world Michelle Bryan created in Strain of Resistance, I was excited to be reading about Bixby and her friends again. Bixby hasn’t changed a bit and is as feisty as ever, which to be honest is why I love her! She’s still dealing with the internal battle between the grief of losing Sam, and her feelings that are growing for Luke. But with the prospect of finding a possible cure for those who have been infected, Bixby and her motley crew set off on an adventure.
I don’t want to say too much because frankly it would give away too much of this awesome story! What I will say is that if you love action, suspense, romance (Bixby’s idea of it anyway), and an ending that will make your jaw drop, then this is the book for you!

Find Michelle Bryans books on Amazon HERE!




Losing Nuka (Litmus #1) and Protecting William (Litmus #2)
By Kayla Howarth

Losing Nuka – If you are like me and loved Kayla Howarth’s Institute series, you are going to LOVE Losing Nuka.
Set in the same world as the Institute series, after the events that unfolded in Defective, Nuka is all grown up and wants answers about her life and where she’s from. When she realises she isn’t going to get what she wants from the parents who raised her, she sets out in search of her birth mother. Little does she know that finding her will turn the world she knew on its head. Soon she is thrust into a world she never knew existed; Litmus, an illegal underground fighting arena.
I loved Nuka’s fierceness and attitude, and I really enjoyed the array of supporting characters (Brett was definitely a favourite), and I found myself truly despising the villains of the story.
Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of Losing Nuka! It’s exciting, has twists you’ll never see coming, and hot guys and girls fighting it out in the ring. What more could you want?


Protecting William –
After being left on a cliff hanger at the end of Losing Nuka, I couldn’t wait to read Protecting William and it didn’t disappoint.
The story picks straight back up where we were left at the end of Book One and the long anticipated reunion of William and Nuka is better than I could imagine. Williams’s introduction to Nuka’s new life is definitely a baptism of fire, which drags you straight back into the story.
Although William’s story has the same setting and fast pace as Nuka’s, the story remained interesting and I loved how Williams relationship developed with Sasha.
All I can say is bring on Book Three of the Litmus Series!

Find Kayla Howarths books on Amazon HERE!




Choices (New Beginnings #1)

By Michelle Lynn

As someone who doesn’t usually read romance novels I picked up Choices with an open mind, wanting to read something different. I enjoyed the way Michelle Lynn writes, and I found myself caring about what was going to happen to the characters in this story.
Michaela Matthews has lived a highly privileged life, and her parents have her future all mapped out for her. Only problem is Michael doesn’t think that it’s the life she wants for herself. When she moves to the city with her brother she meets his friend Jason, the owner of a local bar, who helps her see what life could be like. She must find the courage to make her own choices.

Find Michelle Lynn’s books on Amazon HERE!




The Retreat (The After Trilogy #1)

By Kelly St. Clare

Living and working in outer space, Romy and her knot (friends) are sent to help battle the alien race (The Critimal) that are trying to invade planet Earth. No-one has lived on Earth since The Retreat, and Romy is one of many humans living in outer space protecting their planet while they wait for it to be inhabitable again. During a battle against the Critimal their ship is hit and Romy awakes to find she has crash landed on Earth.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Retreat by Kelly St. Clare. I loved every one of the characters and every bit of the story line. It had action, romance, adventure, intrigue and much more. I highly recommend you read this book and can’t wait to read the sequel!

Find Kelly St. Clare’s books on Amazon HERE!


Do any of these books sound like books you’d enjoy? Have you read any of them? Let me know in the comments below!

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