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Christmas Reads

I love Christmas! Watching the kids decorate the tree, sliced ham on warm toast for breakfast, time with family, the smile on the kids’ faces Christmas morning when they see their Santa sacks filled with gifts, warm summer days, what’s not to love? So I thought, why not combine my love for Christmas with my love for reading? And I’ve done some research to see what holiday themed books I should read these holidays to get into the Christmas spirit. Here are a couple I think you might enjoy and that I’ll be reading myself.



May all your wishes…

Love that outlasts flesh, a mother’s sacrifices for her children, joy and heartache, and holiday memories nestle together like a miscellany of Christmas ornaments in this collection of drabbles. These short stories and poems, written by Fiction Writers Group members from around the world, give readers a glimpse into the very heart of the holiday season. Turn the page and celebrate Chanukah and Christmas with them.

Purchase on Amazon HERE! for only $1.20 AUD





Winter Wishes: The Dragon’s Rocketship Presentation

Winter. That wonderful time of the year, filled with celebrations, festivities galore, walks through a crisp, frosty wonderland, and nights filled with magical stories told by the fireside. Some dark, some funny, some touching, and all suitable for readers from one to ninety-two.

This collection of seasonal short stories is brought to you by up and coming authors, and all proceeds will be donated to the very special Make A Wish Foundation. Everything you find between these covers–and on them!–has been donated by the authors and editors for this charity.

So laugh, smile, or cry, and enjoy this little book of holiday magic!

Purchase on Amazon HERE! only $3.99 AUD or FREE for Kindle Unlimited readers.



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