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Blurb Reveal : On Delicate Wings


I’ve been working on a book that is very different from the Dreamer Trilogy. It’s a contemporary young adult novel, that deals with some of the issues faced by teens today. I remember how hard it was to fit in at high school while trying not to submit to peer pressure, so it was important for me to write this story. It deals with themes such as drugs, alcohol and sex, so may not be appropriate for younger teens, but I do think it should open conversation between a guardian/parent and their teen about these topics.

So here it is, the blurb for my next book which I hope to release in late November 2016.

On Delicate Wings

Mia Walters, is optimistic that her final year of high school will be different. She’s tired of watching the cool girls from afar, and is sick of being a stereotypical loser.
When new girl, Chelsea Saint, arrives at school with her sassy and confident persona, she offers Mia the very thing she wanted. The chance to be one of the cool girls.

Alcohol, boys, sex and drugs tear Mia in two. Caught between the good girl she used to be and the illusion of the person she wanted to be, Mia needs to be careful she doesn’t lose herself in the new world Chelsea has introduced her to.

Is it too late for her to go back to the girl she was before?


I would love to hear about your thoughts in the comments below and look forward to revealing the cover soon!

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