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Book Club – The Time Travelers Wife


18619684This month we all met up at Kristy’s house where we were served a delicious paella before we started discussing the months book choice, The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

Usually if I decide a book isn’t for me I don’t write a review. I keep my thoughts to myself realising that not every book is for everybody. But, seeing as this is my monthly book club post I will relay what myself and my fellow book clubbers thought. I’m going to be honest straight away, and admit I didn’t finish reading this book. It’s actually the very first time I’ve put a book down half way through and wasn’t able to push myself to pick it back up again. I found the story over descriptive, lacking dialogue and I didn’t connect with the characters or the story. Harsh, I know. But similar opinions were given by the rest of my book clubbers. The struggle to read it was a common theme at our monthly get together. One member Katie was surprised she found it so hard to read as she remembered reading it when it first came out in 2003 and loving it. I guess that says a lot about how writing itself has evolved along with peoples taste and expectations in books.

Those of us who have seen the movie all agreed it was much better than the book, which is rare in itself. But if you love reading lengthy description to help create a picture in your mind, this could very well be the book for you.

We gave it an average score of 4.25 out of 10.

2 thoughts on “Book Club – The Time Travelers Wife

  1. It’s shame it turned out this way. I’ve always been in two minds about reading this book, somewhat put-off by the idea of fusing time-travel with romance. If I were to read it, I don’t think I’m in much of a hurry to get there.


    1. I would recommend you give it a go. Where it wasn’t for us you might really enjoy it. I think the concept was great and something different, it was more the way it was written that made it hard for me to read.

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