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Real World Dreamers – Alyce

This week I am excited to introduce you to Alyce Thew the owner of Uptown Publicity on the Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia. Alyce is a twenty-nine-year-old wife and mother of one who before getting married and having her daughter was an avid traveler who backpacked to five of the world’s continents. She loves exploring new cultures and embracing local life. Wherever she goes, she tries to get among locals by taking public transport over taxis, or by using a home stay option over hotels.



LJ: Alyce what are you passionate about?

Alyce: I am extremely passionate about all things news and media. I love helping people raise their profiles through the media. Seeing their faces light up when they see their story in print or hear their voices on radio and see their face on TV is what makes me love what I do. In the short term I am happy to keep my business small so I can be there for my baby when she needs me, but as she gets older and goes off to school I want to really expand Uptown Publicity and get some big name clients.


LJ: What do you think makes you a Dreamer?

Alyce: I started my own Publicity Company in 2014 with the dream to one day leave my 9-5 and build my empire. Taking the chance to put myself out there and starting Uptown Publicity on my own makes me a dreamer.


LJ: What do you do to take some time out for yourself?

Alyce: With running a business, working a 9-5 as well as being a mother and wife, I very rarely get time to myself. However I squeeze in a 45min gym class during my lunch break at work, which is the only time I feel I take to really do something for myself.


LJ: What was the last dream you had and remember?logo17 (1)

Alyce: Every morning I wake up and remember at least 2-3 dreams I had during the night, but by the time I have finished my breakfast I have forgotten them.  Usually they are about past travel adventures or include time travel where I go back in time to when I was in school, yet I remember what happens in the ‘future and I tell everyone what they are going to do in their adult life. Crazy I know!


LJ: What is your favourite book? What are you reading right now?

Alyce: I am not reading anything at the moment, but my favourite book of all time is Marching Powder by Rusty Young. It is based in the Bolivian city of La Paz and is about a prison unlike any other where inmates live by their own rules. It makes me want to travel around South America which is the only continent other than Antarctica that I am yet to travel to.


LJ: What advice would you give someone who has a dream they want to pursue?

Alyce: Go for it. You never know where you will end up, what doors will open or who will notice you. Take the chance to live and breathe your passion because it will make you happy and that’s all we are all really striving for in life, to be happy.


LJ: If you weren’t doing what you are right now, what do you think you’d be doing?

Alyce: Backpacking around the world on a shoe string budget writing stories about my adventures.


LJ: You are stranded on a deserted Island. You have food and water, what 3 other items would you want to have with you?

Alyce: My phone so I have a connection to the outside world, a jumper because I’m the type of frog who would get cold during summer in the Sahara Desert and a tooth brush because I can’t sleep unless I’ve brushed my teeth. And



LJ: Where and how can people find and contact you?

Website –
Intagram – @uptownpublicity
Email –


Thank you to Alyce for taking time out of her busy life to give us a glimpse into her Dreams. I wish her all of the best as she builds her publicity business.

Next week I will be introducing you to the amazing Rikki Lee of Areli clothing.


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