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Real World Dreamers – Bethany

Bethany Wicker – Author

I’m excited to finally be able to share a project with you that I’ve been working on with six amazingly talented and inspirational women. They are Dreamers. Young women who are chasing their dreams every day. I‘ve been lucky enough to spend some time with each of them, and have asked them to share their dreams, desires, and secrets on how to achieve your dreams. Over the next six weeks you will be introduced to an author, a publicist and journalist, a clothing designer, an online business owner, a blogger/author and a lady who creates beautiful dream catchers. I hope through them, you can find your own passions and the motivation you need to pursue your own dreams.


thumbnail_IMG_2580Our first Dreamer is Bethany Wicker, Author of Unexpected Alpha, Aluna, and Dark Lightning. Bethany is married to her amazing husband Lucien, and is currently six months pregnant with their first child, a little girl named Henley. She also has two dogs, Drake and Jasper and a sun conure (parrot) named Apollo. She hails from a small town called Abita Springs in Louisiana.


L J: What are you passionate about Bethany?
Bethany: I’m passionate about reading and writing. My goal is to continue writing and to share that part of me with Henley when she gets old enough.

L J: What do you feel makes you a Dreamer?
Bethany: I remember my dreams every night and they’re slowly becoming published works. It goes to show how tangible dreams can be. I love my dreams and try to learn from them. Dreams should never be ignored because they’re a part of you.

L J: Where is your favorite place to write?
Bethany: On my front porch because we have a beautiful pond that’s so relaxing with a perfect fountain. It’s so easy to daydream by it and get lost in my own worlds.

L J: What made you decide to become a writer?
Bethany: I’ve always loved to write. I never considered actually becoming a writer until my mom encouraged me to try it. If it wasn’t for her, my dream may have died before it had the chance to thrive.

L J: What was the last dream you had, and remember?
Bethany: It was actually a scary one about zombies attacking. It felt so real that when I woke up, I thought zombies were outside the window and woke my husband up because of it. He laughed at that notion.

L J: What advice would you give someone who has a dream they want to pursue?
Bethany: As cheesy as it is, anything is possible. The only way your dreams will come true is if you pursue them. Don’t dismiss them or write them off as impossible. If I did that, then I wouldn’t have any published works.

L J: If you weren’t doing what you are right now, what do you think you’d be doing?
Bethany: I think I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

L J: What is your favourite book? What are you reading right now?
Bethany: I just finished reading the books by Sarah J. Maas and have to say that her works were so amazing. I’m currently about to tackle the Outlander series.

L J: You’re stranded on a deserted Island. You have food and water, what three other items would you want to have with you?
Bethany: I would say my laptop but it’d be useless because the battery would just die. So logically, it’d be a thick notebook, pack of pens, and a paracord bracelet.


Thank you, Bethany, for agreeing to let me interview you for my series.

I loved how Bethany knew she was doing exactly what she was supposed to be doing, and the way she finds inspiration not only in her dreams but in the world around her. I wish Bethany all of the best for the birth of baby Henley, and can’t wait to read more from her in the near future.

If you want to find out more about Bethany Wicker and her books you can find her on her website
thumbnail_UA-ebook thumbnail_Aluna copy

Next week I will be talking to Nicole from Intuitive Creations.

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