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Book Club – The Pilots Wife

5191This month the wonderful Cathy hosted our Book Club meeting. We enjoyed a pizza stack and salad for dinner, accompanied by a few drinks before we kicked off our discussion about this months book, The Pilots Wife by Anita Shreve.

The Pilots Wife, follows the story of Kathryn Lyons, who is awoken one morning to hear devastating news. Her husband, a pilot, has died in a plane crash. The book follows her journey as she grieves for the father of her daughter, and the man she loved, and as she discovers who he really was.

We had high expectations from this book as it is on Oprahs Book Club list, but coming off the back of a book that many of the ladies enjoyed, The Pilots Wife felt like a bit of a disappointment to most of the group. Some of us found the book to be a bit too drawn out, and very predictable from the beginning. It seemed to plateau throughout the story and just when it felt as though it was beginning to take off, the story ended somewhat abruptly after pages and pages of drawn out days and emotions. It was however, an easy read, very well written and easy to follow. Zoe felt as thought she just ‘slipped from the beginning to the end’.
Chloe enjoyed The Pilots Wife even more than We Need To Talk About Kevin. She enjoyed reading the clues and investigation throughout the story, and believed that side of the story was well researched. Despite some of our criticisms, the story created discussion about how well you really know a person. This story leaves you asking if its possible for someone to live a life their partner doesn’t know about?

The average score we gave The Pilots Wife was 5.1 out of 10.

18816603During June we will be reading Leaving Time by Jodi Picolt.

Comment below if you have read either of these books with your thoughts.

One thought on “Book Club – The Pilots Wife

  1. Can’t wait to hear what you think of leaving time. I’ve tried to read it but just couldn’t get into and normally I love Jodi Picoult. Maybe after hearing your review I’ll pick it up again. Think I’ll give the Pilots wife a try. 😊


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