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What you’re doing right!


Most of my posts are for my readers. Today I want to post something for my author friends, or those of you who have a dream but keep hearing that what you want to achieve isn’t possible. There are so many posts out there about what people are doing wrong. How they’re marketing wrong, writing wrong, interacting on social media wrong… No wonder so many creatives pack it in, thinking they’ll never get anything right. So here I am to tell you what you are doing right.

~ You are writing! Or drawing, painting, whatever your passion is, if you are making time in your life to do it, you have completed the most important step. Congratulations!

~ You love what you are doing enough to keep practicing your craft, and to keep trying no matter what.

~ You understand that sometimes, life gets in the way. It’s all good and well to have dreams of being a full time author etc, but that doesn’t happen overnight. We still need to pay the bills, feed our families and keep our houses clean. As long as you get back to what you love the next chance you get, you’re on the right track.

~ You believe in yourself. As a creative person we always have doubts, but deep down we have enough self-belief to keep at it.

~ You don’t get social media and marketing, but you’re trying anyway. How else are you going to learn?

~ You’re reaching out to people who have the same passions as you. (Shout out to my BB’s!) These people will be your best friends in those times of doubt, or when you can’t work out how to use Twitter.

So if you are doing these things, I think you have what you need to reach your goals whatever they may be. As long as you have Passion, Self-Belief, Learning and Patience, you’ll achieve your dreams.

What are your goals and dreams? Let me know in the comments below.

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