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I’m a Tough Mudder

13094195_10153661069371365_6111577528344513990_nDoes an 18km course, where you are tested by over 20 obstacles, with names such as ‘birth canal’, ‘arctic enema 2.0’, ‘cage crawl’ and ‘mud mile,’ sound like fun to you? Well you may think I’m crazy, but eight friends and I thought it was a great idea.

Since late last year I’ve been making a huge effort to not only be healthy, but also to become fitter and stronger physically and mentally. With some persuasion from a friend of mine, I decided what better way to test my new found strength and fitness than to compete in Tough Mudder – Central Queensland. 13166071_10153439916361697_6977807529897020259_n

The event didn’t disappoint, I got muddy, frozen, I jumped off platforms into deep water, crawled through dark and confined spaces, and pushed my body to it’s limits, and I enjoyed every minute. With the support of my husband and friends, and the competitors around us, we managed to complete the course with a smile on our faces and a tremendous sense of achievement (albeit every inch of our body was aching, battered and bruised). I will admit there was one obstacle that I just couldn’t bring myself to do. It was called Electroshock Therapy, and it looked as terrible as it sounded. Being zapped while wet and covered in mud was beyond what I was willing to do, but I was proud to say I at least attempted every other obstacle on offer.

Tough Mudder taught me that I could push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of, it also taught me the importance of having and accepting, support from friends and even strangers. I took a huge leap out of my comfort zone and am so happy I did.


Have you ever competed in an event like this? What was the last thing  you did to get out of your comfort zone?


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