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5 Lessons I learned before 30

Last year in April I turned 30 dressed in yellow neon tights and a neon pink tutu, dancing with my family and friends. Yes it’s true, here is photographic evidence!

But the every year I grow older I reflect back on what I’ve not only achieved in my life, but also who I have become. I’ve learnt many lessons along the way. Some I was more stubborn to learn than others, always being someone who seemed to learn for myself. And I thought I’d take a moment to share the 5 that I think were most important and life changing.

  • Try to see the best in everything. Yes, we’ve all heard it before. Send the positive vibes out into the world and you will get positive things in return. This may not feel true some of the time, but life feels much easier and less stressful when you see the best in things that happen. Like right now my 4 year old daughter is crying because she’s decided she doesn’t like her new dress. Positive side? She will tire herself and hopefully fall to sleep for an early night.
  • It’s important to believe in something… even if it’s nothing. I’m near here to start any type of religious or spiritual debate, but when I was pregnant with my son I had a sense of peace come over me I hadn’t experienced before. Why? Because I finally discovered what it was I believed. It took away the anxiety of my purpose in life and that I wouldn’t be here one day. I know I could never know for sure, but it has definitely helped ease my mind.
  • It’s okay to ask for help. This was a big one for me. Growing up I always hid and bottled away my emotions until I couldn’t fit anymore inside of me and I would explode into a terrible ball of teenager rage. The answer? Talking. Not only to family and friends that I trusted but also to professionals who wanted me to be happy and healthy. I am prone to Depression and Anxiety, and only last year I had bad bouts of both. Without talking to my husband, close friends and health professionals I wouldn’t have made it out the other end sane. Well as sane as a writer can be.
  • Do what you love. This for me is a given. My writing doesn’t only make me happy, it clears my mind and is great for my mental state. Doing what you love isn’t always easy in between family and work, but it’s something that’s important to make time for. My husband and I take turns giving each other the time to do what we love. Mine is writing, art and spending time with friends. His is fishing, fishing, and well fishing.
  • Look after your body and mind. Some of this stems back to my point on asking for help. But when you feel good in yourself, it shines through to everyone around you. In 2013 I changed my diet and dropped 15kg. Last year I decided to pair my healthy eating with exercise and I feel amazing and confident in my body. The exercise also helps my mental health which is an added bonus.


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