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Wow, what a year! It feels like I crammed so much into 2015, so here is a quick breakdown of my year:

  • Road trip to Cairns
  • Airlie Beach with my husband for our 6th wedding anniversary
  • My daughter turned 3
  • First ever radio interview
  • Launch of Dawn of the Dreamer and book launch party
  • My fluro 30th birthday party
  • My son turned 5
  • P&O Cruise to Lifou, Noumea and Port Villa
  • My sister gave birth to my gorgeous nephew
  • Camping adventure at Lake Monduran for Halloween
  • I published a collection of short stories called, In Their Shoes

2015 was a year of firsts for me. It was the first year I left the country, and also the year I published my first book, Dawn of the Dreamer. I was able to fulfil a dream I’ve had for many years.

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was twelve years old. I have folders of stories I’ve written over the years, most of which would make you cringe, but the whole time I knew that one day I would publish a novel. In April this year I did just that, I published my debut novel Dawn of the Dreamer. The support and excitement I received for releasing it only made my love for writing grow and I managed to also write a series of short stories, In Their Shoes, and finish the manuscript for, Fall of the Dreamer, ready to be published January 2016.

Despite my adventures, I focused much of 2015 on my writing. Learning the craft and the business behind it, and during this I was fortunate enough to stumble over a group of authors on Facebook who were eager to share their experiences and offer guidance to a new author like me. Little did I know how much I would enjoy being a part of the group, and the amazing people I would meet from all over the globe. Together we have created a wonderful community of writers and launched a group website and Facebook page to share our books with the world. YA Author Rendezvous website is worth a look if you are searching for your next favourite author (including me!)

Despite all of these amazing experiences I also overcame a huge hurdle this year. I managed to overcome both depression and anxiety. Having suffered from depression on and off throughout my life, when it was getting to the point that it was affecting my family, I decided enough was enough. With the support of some of my close friends and amazing husband, I have changed my lifestyle so that I can be rid of depression and anxiety for good. I feel happier and healthier for it, and am proud to have come out the other end a stronger person and to feel more at peace with myself and the life I’m living.

So thank you 2015 for bringing me so many great experiences and giving me the chance to grow stronger and happier in myself. If this is what I was able to accomplish in 2015, imagine what 2016 could bring!

What did you accomplish or overcome in 2015?

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