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5 Signs that Wristochips and Wristcuffs may not just be Fiction

Quote Tech-page1Technological advances are being made every day. Smart phones, humanised robots, genetic engineering and artificial intelligence are all changing and evolving. But is it possible that one day we could all be living with a microchip embedded under our skin? Could we all wear a bracelet or cuff to manipulate us? Although Dawn of the Dreamer is a work of fiction here are five reasons this could be possible one day.

  1. Wristcuff – or the Fitbit? The Fitbit is a device you wear around your wrist that tells you how many steps you do a day, your heart rate, and how many calories you burn. It uploads the information to your phone or computer via Wi-Fi so you can track your progress. I have to confess that when my friends started buying Fitbits I immediately thought of the Wristcuffs in Dawn of the Dreamer and decided I wasn’t going to buy one. But as more friends bought them and said how great they were I was soon persuaded to jump on the band wagon and I now own one too. If this were a device capable of controlling or manipulating me, it wasn’t very hard for the creators to use peer pressure to convince me to buy one.
  2. New technology is so easily accepted by us all. In fact, we eagerly await any new product that may be even slightly better than what we already have. Mobile phones, televisions, cars, we all want the newest and most advanced model. Would it really be hard for a corporation to sell us on a new product that could control us?
  1. Mark of the Beast. “If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, he, too, will drink of the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath.” Revelation 14:9,10
    I am not going to claim that I have read the bible, but many people who have, believe the Mark of the Beast will come in the form of a microchip inserted in a person’s right hand or forehead. Could there be truth behind this prophecy?
  1. We already Microchip our pets. My dogs and cat all have a microchip so if they escape our yard and are found by someone they can be identified and returned to me. So is it that hard to imagine we could have the same information stored on a microchip and inserted under our skin? Our dogs and cats may have them for identification, but farmers can now use microchips to track their livestock and weigh their livestock as they pass through gates. This is just a glimpse at the possibilities when it comes to an embedded microchip.
  1. It is already happening. There are a number of hobbyists who have already inserted a microchip into their hand to use for things such as unlocking their house and car, and even uploading and loading information to a device. There are also rumours that a microchip will be rolled out through America in the near future.

Despite all of these signs and the way Microchips were used in Dawn of the Dreamer, having them inserted under our skin could also have its positives. If a child were kidnapped, we would be able to find them, we would be able to find someone who’d committed a crime, you wouldn’t have to carry all of your cards and cash on you so there would be no risk of losing them or having them stolen.

Unfortunately with every positive there is a negative. If we were ever made to make the decision to have a microchip implanted beneath our skin, would you do it?

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